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Non-Sequitur Man
30 January
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Executive Summary:

Low-tech, failed academic, sold-out geek. Married with dogs. Zoning: EFU. Master of the non-sequitur.

Creative Endeavours:

See my website (linked).

I work on music (rock/punk/industrial/electronic/rap). I have worked in a recording studio.

I work on short films (2 complete, several incomplete, 1 in never-ending post-production). I have filmed a video commercial for the Gold Cradle rocker box that aired on The Outdoors Channel, videos at dog agility trials, and video interviews for Elemental Vodka.

I work on writing. I have written 3 NaNoWriMo novels that are available at cafepress.com. They are pulp-fiction adventure stories.

Academic Endeavours:

ES/MS/HS: Born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin.
BS: University of Wisconsin-Madison. Electrical Engineering. Sub-specialty: Computer Engineering. Second Major: Computer Science.
MS: OGI School of Science & Engineering, OHSU. Computer Science and Engineering.


Electrical component designer; I work on pre-silicon computer design and performance analysis of server CPUs and memory subsystems in the Silicon Forest of Hillsboro, OR.

Nicknames (in rough chronological order):

BEEF, P-Dog, MC Clean, MC Clean Perf, The Meat Machine, AL, JB, JunoBruno, Pizzazz Personified, brucix.

In Pictures:

In Oregon:


672.060 Exceptions to application of ORS 672.002 to 672.325.

ORS 672.002 to 672.325 do not apply to the following:
(6) The performance of engineering work by a person, or by full-time employees of the person, provided:
(a) The work is in connection with or incidental to the operations of the person; and
(b) The engineering work is not offered directly to the public.